With these keys, students gain confidence in your test-taking abilities and get the scores they deserve. All it takes is one 2-hour class per week for 4 weeks (plus a couple of hours of home work per week)!

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Most students approach the SAT and ACT  incorrectly - they assume the tests are harder than they really are! That is perfectly understandable. In fact, a lot of people think these "college entrance" tests are about college level material, or at least high school level. But they’re not! The real key for students to improve their SAT and ACT scores is to understand how basic the tests really are - only disguised to look harder. This is the great, open secret to these tests, and it is the core of the College Prep Coach program. College Prep Coach helps students decode the SAT or ACT into basic skills learned in elementary school. What students don't realize is that 90% of the test is simply reading, writing, and arithmetic--- the 3 R's. This program coaches students through the process of seeing there are only easy questions that look easy and easy questions that look hard.

How to improve your SAT and ACT score.

Students will discover:

  1. The SAT and ACT are elementary school tests, not high school tests!

  2. The SAT and ACT test the basics, nothing fancy!

  3. The SAT and ACT test reading, writing and arithmetic, and, except for a few geometry questions, almost nothing else!

  4. The SAT and ACT look like regular tests in school, but they're very different. Not harder - just different.

  5. There are only easy questions that look easy, and easy questions that look hard: but there are no hard questions!

  6. The SAT and ACT are great at disguising the basics to look hard!

  7. You already know everything they need to know to score perfectly or close to it on these tests!

  8. You simply don't know how to use what you already know!

  9. We provide "just the facts": just those things you need to know to raise scores:  nothing more, nothing less!

  10. The keys to raising scores are the same for everyone: higher scoring students just apply them more accurately and faster.

The College Prep Coach program is unique because it is supremely simple, effective, and efficient.

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